Our services

Linking people, potential and performance

Our services are based on two key principles:

1. Organizational excellence is driven by individuals throughout the organization.

2. To realise their full potential these individuals must feel connected and motivated at a rational and an emotional level. In other words, both the left and right sides of their brains must be engaged.




The strategic side of performance

Left brain

Strategy development & implementation. We facilitate strategy workshops and, to the extent required, combine these with stakeholder interviews, research and analysis. Through the use of action learning we ensure the existing expertise within an organization if fully leveraged and the creative potential unlocked. Project leaders are mentored throughout the process to overcome roadblocks and ensure success. Individual training such as “Influencing through presentation excellence” is provided as needed.

Organizational development. Our approach includes change readiness assessments combined with support in developing a clear vision of the future. Internal expertise is leveraged to create realistic change blueprints and plan practical change roadmaps. We support the analysis, design, implementation and embedding phases of organizational change through leadership development, team development and individual coaching.

 Our facilitative consulting and mediation capabilities provide you with support for meeting the challenges that are inherent in bringing about organizational change. 


The emotional side of performance

Right brain

Leadership effectiveness. With the support of evaluation tools we assess a leader’s motivators, behaviours and effectiveness. The analysis phase looks at how the leader’s behaviours match the requirements of the specific role and the organization’s strategy. Strengths are developed and weaknesses addressed through tailored interactive learning programs, coaching and mentoring.

Team effectiveness. The extent to which a team is a happy place to work has a direct impact on that team’s effectiveness, productivity, creativity and commitment to excellence. We measure the team’s well-being and implement actions to help the team members raise their performance, from poor to good and from good to great. Our methods include customised team development workshops, international team effectiveness programs as well as individual training and coaching for team members.

Developing Individual Potential. It is individuals who drive organizational excellence. Our programs are all designed to help individuals realise their full potential and so create a “win-win” for both the employee and their employer. Our services range from assessing and addressing individual development needs to designing and implementing talent management and retention programs.


The benefits for organizations

1. Enhanced performance, effectiveness and productivity.

2. Higher ROI than for traditional consulting interventions.

3. Scientific measurement and benchmarking.

4. A powerful approach which ensures sustainability.


The benefits for individuals

1. Increased self-confidence and overall happiness with life.

2. Increased motivation through:

  • Being listened to
  • Being recognized for their unique competences

3. Higher levels of ownership and empowerment.

4. Individual’s sense of purpose is more closely aligned to the organization’s direction.

Workshop Examples

While the majority of our interventions are customised to the specific needs or our customers, we have also packaged some of the more popular topics into standard trainings:

 Leadership Academy

Leadership development program in 3 modules

  • Module 1: Understanding and managing myself – 3 days
  • Module 2: Understanding and managing my context – 2 days
  • Module 3: Understanding and managing my team – 3 days


Strategy and Individual Development Workshops

  • Developing big ideas – 2 days
  • My present, my future – 2 days


Specific Skills Workshops

  • Coaching as a leader – 1 day
  • Engaging and inspiring others – 1 day
  • Giving and receiving feedback – 1 day
  • Intercultural and international management – 2 days
  • Managing remote and home-office teams – 1 day
  • Developing confidence – 1 day
  • Building resilience – 1 day
  • The essence of leadership: listening to and observing others – 1 days
  • Difficult conversations – 1½ days



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