How we work

Delivering measurable financial and behavioral impact

Lrb solutions is a strategy, organizational and leadership development company. Our mission is to increasing the organizational performance of our clients by getting the best out of, and for their people.

It is individuals throughout an organization that can drive top performance. Our philosophy is that excellence is achieved by engaging both the left and right sides of the brain – engaging these individuals at both a strategic and an emotional level. In other words we combine rational thinking with emotional intelligence to deliver measurable financial and behavioural impact.

We work with individual leaders as well as teams, departments or entire organizations.


Research based, systematic and sustainable

Experience has shown that around 75% of all change processes in organizations fail, primarily due to the resistance of those impacted. We help ensure that your organizational change processes are amongst the 25% that succeed.

Our facilitative consulting approach harnesses the strategic strengths of the stakeholders and combines these with their creative, intuitive and decision making capacity. We deploy an assess – analyse – act methodology using scientifically tested tools and processes. In this way we address your specific challenges and opportunities through bespoke and measurable consulting, facilitation and coaching.

Change only works when it is anchored in the organisation. All our interventions are designed to achieve sustainable results that last long after we, as external consultants, have completed our projects and moved on.


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