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Left and right brain people

Our passion for people is what brought us together. Many years in international business leadership roles have taught us all that it is people who drive performance. Engaging people in the right way is the secret to achieving business and organizational success.

What we, the managing partners, have in common is our international backgrounds. We are a multi-national and multi-lingual team. All of us have broad cultural experience, having lived and worked in several countries. We also share a conviction that to bring about change you must address both the rational and the emotional aspects of human nature.

The diversity in our team starts with our industry knowledge. This ranges from automotive to fashion, finance to health-care and IT to public sector. Our individual professional experiences encompass a wide range of management, sales, marketing, consulting, purchasing and strategic planning roles. This broad business expertise allows us to offer our customers more than the sum of our capabilities as individuals..

Managing partners

Greg Arena

People who inspire me are Leonardo da Vinci for thinking outside the box, Amory Lovins for applying sound business principles to environmental issues and Chip & Dan Heath for their work on bringing about change.

For over 20 years I have held a range of management positions in the areas of business and strategy development. Past employers include BMW, Porsche and SupplyOn. Since starting my consulting business in 2004, I have supported numerous strategic change initiatives. My personal mission is to facilitate strategic and organizational change through harnessing the client organization’s creativity, skills and resources. A native of Canada, I now live in the Munich area with my family. English and German are both mother tongues.

Specializations: Strategic and organizational development consulting. Development and facilitation of leadership development programs. Large group facilitation. Mediation.


Erik Brown

“Why do I like you?” is my mantra. Whenever I meet someone I look for the good in them.

My business career encompasses more than 30 years of managing people, developing teams and coaching with companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. Responsibilities have ranged from establishing businesses throughout Eastern Europe, leading major international product launches, to being responsible for a $2 billion software business in Western Europe. A native of Scotland, I speak fluent German and live with my family near Munich.

Specializations: Leadership development. Facilitator, mentor and coach for senior executives and high-potential future leaders. Organizational development consulting. International team development and training.


Prof. Ralph Kriechbaum

„Organizations can only develop as their people develop“. This is the principle that guides me in my work.

For almost 20 years I have developed people and businesses around the world. This included leadership assignments in Germany, the Netherlands, USA and Austria. Living with my family in these countries also provided the cultural insights that have been invaluable in turning those international challenges into successes. I graduated from the University of Karlsruhe and the Harvard Business School. Now, as a professor for business in Rosenheim, I teach new generations of leaders how to grow themselves to grow other people.

Specializations: International Executive Business Coach. Strategic and organizational development consulting, also in international contexts. Operational excellence and added-value process design and implementation for growing and developing organizations.


Uli Otto

Coaching is my passion because it addresses two of my principal values: self-respect and personal growth.

Increasing self-awareness and developing the potential of talented leaders and the actions necessary that will lead to more authenticity and leadership effectiveness.

After 10 years in the financial services industry in both North America and Europe, my position as managing director left me curious and keen to serve a broader spectrum of people and organisations. After attending the University of London I completed 2 diplomas: organisational behaviour and career counselling & coaching. For the past 17 years I have been working as a senior management coach and facilitator across all industry sectors and global markets. I was raised in Canada to be bi-lingual in English and German.

Specializations: Leadership, team and organisational development. Facilitator and coach for senior and middle management. Conflict management, Influencing and Management Focus


Anette M. Lang

What is important to you? What do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? Change always starts with a question. I will ask you lots of questions so that you achieve what you have set out to. My coaching is very practically oriented because it builds on my own practical experience.

I previously spent eleven years as managing director of a specialist culture-travel company offering exclusive incentive trips and customised private holidays for well-known companies and their owners. This was followed by seven years as partner and branch manager for one of Germany’s leading HR consulting companies. For the last seven years I have worked as an executive coach, consultant and trainer. During all these roles I have gained insight into the organizational structure and management functions of many large and medium sized companies in a variety of industries. My business proficiency has been rounded out through extensive further education (e.g. business- und team-coaching, process consulting, potential and competency analysis) as well as my years of direct management experience. 

Specializations: executive business-coaching, team-coaching, potential diagnostics, separation management, communication training, conflict management and charisma/style/etiquette.


Christa Wilhelm

Every individual knows best what is good and right for them. But this ability is sometimes simply buried – by the problems, concerns, needs and constraints of daily business. My conviction is that each person has the creativity to find ideas and solutions to address their own opportunities and challenges. My passion as a coach and consultant is to uncover this unique understanding and to help people define how they manage their own success. 

Specializations: Change management planning and execution. Executive coaching and training. Strategy development. Team development.



Flavia Tabora

Happiness at work is my passion which was born out of my own family business experiences in South America. Our employees gave 110% effort which was the foundation of our success and they knew it! My studies in corporate communications and human resources brought me to Durham University where I completed my Masters and a dissertation on Happiness at work, researching those companies who had won the prize “Great Place to Work”. I now live Munich, Germany working in HR consulting functions with strong focus on Marketing and Sales communications making use of my Spanish, Portuguese, English and German language skills.

My studies as well as the business experiences underscore my professional mission to help organizations understand how they can profit from being happy places to work


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